July 24, 2006

this is me relaxing

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My life has changed so much since I got married and had one, then two children. I don’t often get time to relax – life is a flurry of activity. I definitely savour the times when their is quiet, when I don’t have to answer another ‘why’, or share the remote control and keyboard with a one year old. So what do I do? Not much of anything. I always have about a hundred things swirling around my brain – things I would like to do if only I had the time. By the time I do have the time all I want to do is read a book, drink a hot chocolate (marshmallows please) or stretch out in my pilates clase. You know what…that is ok! (this is what I am learning – to relax ; )

Well so much for relaxing, time to get the one year old up from her nap, change a very offensive nappy and rush to preschool to pick up ‘the talker’.


Jo Frost is a superbly-amazing nanny

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I have just finished watching a few episodes of SuperNanny from a set that we borrowed from the library.

We (me and the girls) watched the first episode while we at our lunch. I had to explain to Eden the premise of the show, that even mommies and daddies sometimes need help doing their job properly. Call it a coincidence, but Eden had the most impeccable behaviour during and following the program..; )

I am so impressed by the conflict resolution techniques that Jo suggests and just how well she seems to resolve each family’s strife. The show actually makes me feel good about my job as a mother, not in the sense that I have it all under control, rather I can relate with each family’s frustrations. In one episode, the mother was so exhausted from trying to get her 2 year old son to sleep that she just melted into a puddle of tears. Jo encouraged a sleep seperation technique that really worked. I sat here in my living room crying with the mom for both the sense of hopelessness that sleepless nights bring and also the joy and relief of settling a seemingly irrational child!

Thank God for Jo Frost!

This bridge is falling down

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Our eldest daughter is somewhat of a pessimist. She doesn’t intend to be – I think it just comes with the territory when you are a curious, slightly high-strung 3 year old.

Some of her pessimistic quotes include:
‘We are going to have a car accident.’
‘I am going to barf on the way to Sydney.’
‘It is going to rain today.’

This past Sunday on the way to church (Mike was doing some relief preaching at a nursing home in Stockton) we had to drive over two large bridges. Ever observant and curious, she keenly noted that we were on the bridge and that we could now see the river and (of course) that the ‘bridge is going to break’.

Mike gently chided her by saying (somewhat sarcastically) ‘Oh, Eden, you are such an optimist!’
And now what do you think her response was?..

‘Daddy, I am NOT an OCTOPUS!!!’

July 11, 2006

Monkey faces

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The new, new bike

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Eden has a ‘new, new bike’.

She was given a ‘new bike’ two weeks ago by the neighbours (it was a very well used bike but a gem none-the-less).  It was a beautiful bike…a lovely faded fluorescent pink with a white basket, horn, and single hand brake.  Eden was able to ride at such lightning speed that I quickly bought her a new green helmet to go with the new pink bike.  However, within a week we had ridden the poor pink bike into the ground…the rear plastic chain engagement broke off on our way home from Kate’s house (picture me pushing the stroller with one hand and the bike with the other).  Tears followed and a digression to the not-so-speedy tricycle ; (

Alas, all was not lost.  Last thursday I took our old change table into Kidz Kapers (the local consignment store) and traded for a lovely pink and purple bike with hearts and streamers and a loud bell.  I was pleased as punch with bartering savvy as I walked away with a new bike and a beaming 3 year old. Our neighbour Barry attached the old training wheels and transferred the basket.

And there we have it…the ‘new, new bike’!

The wheels on the bus..

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..go into town – Newcastle that is.
Today, as it is still school holidays, we ventured out to do something a little different and sooo exciting.
We boarded the bus at Marketown shopping centre and rode to town (free fare zone) to catch up with Daddy for a coffee (and scone and babycino) by Newcastle beach at the new Acquaview Cafe.  Following our refreshments, the girls and I (and the stroller, purse, babypack, waterbottles, jumpers, and blankie) strolled along the beach promenade.  We counted 23 ships awaiting access to the port.  We saw surfers, cyclists, workmen, and a dad playing in the sand with his children.  We had a lovely time and I was reminded to take it easy, slow down, breathe!

Back on the bus Eden was given smarties by a strange, well-meaning elderly man – oh dear.  Thank heavens she didn’t eat them so I could ‘put them away for later’ in a tissue in my purse.

We rode the bus back to Marketown and quietly made our way to the car – one hand pushing Nyssa in the stroller and the other supporting Eden on my left hip.

Preschool Buddies

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Today Emily came over to play with Eden.  The girls are steady friends from preschool at KU Wickham.  Eden attends on Tuesday and Thursday while Emily attends Wednesday through Friday.  The girls play so well together and after having met with Emily and her mother on a couple play dates I decided to invite Emily over to our house for the morning.  Seeing as it is school holidays here, we have plenty of time to catch up with friends.

I was amazed at how well Eden and Emily played together.  The rhythm of their interaction having already been cemented at preschool, all I had to do was provide a few catalysts for their amiable play.  The girls enjoyed some fairy biscuits (crumbs and icing all over the floor), fairy stationary on which to write letters to their daddys at work, camping in the tent, doctor’s office in the tent and of course, dance lessons.  A play at the ‘blue’ park and a quick lunch preceded Emily’s mum’s arrival..what a morning!

I love watching Eden play with her little friends…she is so lovely and a great leader.  I could hardly believe my ears when she started to tell Emily about God and heaven!  Eden also loves to enforce the rules…yelling out ‘no running’ , ‘wait up’, and ‘be careful’.

Does everyone think their child gifted?

July 7, 2006

A little something on the side..

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I have started doing something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Something that I do all by my self, no external input, just me, myself, my sewing machine and some funky fabric.

I have started sewing handbags to sell…well potentially that is. I have already given several of my designs as gifts with the aim of gaining experience, fine tuning my technique and getting the word out.

I have always enjoyed creating and making…
dare I call myself a ‘designer’?
The title sounds much more flamboyant than civil engineer or mother.