July 11, 2006

Preschool Buddies

Posted in Eden, Uncategorized at 5:45 am by skijumper

Today Emily came over to play with Eden.  The girls are steady friends from preschool at KU Wickham.  Eden attends on Tuesday and Thursday while Emily attends Wednesday through Friday.  The girls play so well together and after having met with Emily and her mother on a couple play dates I decided to invite Emily over to our house for the morning.  Seeing as it is school holidays here, we have plenty of time to catch up with friends.

I was amazed at how well Eden and Emily played together.  The rhythm of their interaction having already been cemented at preschool, all I had to do was provide a few catalysts for their amiable play.  The girls enjoyed some fairy biscuits (crumbs and icing all over the floor), fairy stationary on which to write letters to their daddys at work, camping in the tent, doctor’s office in the tent and of course, dance lessons.  A play at the ‘blue’ park and a quick lunch preceded Emily’s mum’s arrival..what a morning!

I love watching Eden play with her little friends…she is so lovely and a great leader.  I could hardly believe my ears when she started to tell Emily about God and heaven!  Eden also loves to enforce the rules…yelling out ‘no running’ , ‘wait up’, and ‘be careful’.

Does everyone think their child gifted?


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