July 11, 2006

The new, new bike

Posted in Eden, July 2006, Robyn at 6:05 am by skijumper

Eden has a ‘new, new bike’.

She was given a ‘new bike’ two weeks ago by the neighbours (it was a very well used bike but a gem none-the-less).  It was a beautiful bike…a lovely faded fluorescent pink with a white basket, horn, and single hand brake.  Eden was able to ride at such lightning speed that I quickly bought her a new green helmet to go with the new pink bike.  However, within a week we had ridden the poor pink bike into the ground…the rear plastic chain engagement broke off on our way home from Kate’s house (picture me pushing the stroller with one hand and the bike with the other).  Tears followed and a digression to the not-so-speedy tricycle ; (

Alas, all was not lost.  Last thursday I took our old change table into Kidz Kapers (the local consignment store) and traded for a lovely pink and purple bike with hearts and streamers and a loud bell.  I was pleased as punch with bartering savvy as I walked away with a new bike and a beaming 3 year old. Our neighbour Barry attached the old training wheels and transferred the basket.

And there we have it…the ‘new, new bike’!


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  1. Sally said,

    Anja just got a ‘new’ bike too. It is so neat to watch eyes light up over a pink bike frame, streamers from the handle bars and old noisy training wheels. I wish I could be so enthusiastic over a “new” gift.

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