July 24, 2006

Jo Frost is a superbly-amazing nanny

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:22 pm by skijumper

I have just finished watching a few episodes of SuperNanny from a set that we borrowed from the library.

We (me and the girls) watched the first episode while we at our lunch. I had to explain to Eden the premise of the show, that even mommies and daddies sometimes need help doing their job properly. Call it a coincidence, but Eden had the most impeccable behaviour during and following the program..; )

I am so impressed by the conflict resolution techniques that Jo suggests and just how well she seems to resolve each family’s strife. The show actually makes me feel good about my job as a mother, not in the sense that I have it all under control, rather I can relate with each family’s frustrations. In one episode, the mother was so exhausted from trying to get her 2 year old son to sleep that she just melted into a puddle of tears. Jo encouraged a sleep seperation technique that really worked. I sat here in my living room crying with the mom for both the sense of hopelessness that sleepless nights bring and also the joy and relief of settling a seemingly irrational child!

Thank God for Jo Frost!


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