July 24, 2006

This bridge is falling down

Posted in Eden, Family, July 2006, Uncategorized at 3:12 pm by skijumper

Our eldest daughter is somewhat of a pessimist. She doesn’t intend to be – I think it just comes with the territory when you are a curious, slightly high-strung 3 year old.

Some of her pessimistic quotes include:
‘We are going to have a car accident.’
‘I am going to barf on the way to Sydney.’
‘It is going to rain today.’

This past Sunday on the way to church (Mike was doing some relief preaching at a nursing home in Stockton) we had to drive over two large bridges. Ever observant and curious, she keenly noted that we were on the bridge and that we could now see the river and (of course) that the ‘bridge is going to break’.

Mike gently chided her by saying (somewhat sarcastically) ‘Oh, Eden, you are such an optimist!’
And now what do you think her response was?..

‘Daddy, I am NOT an OCTOPUS!!!’


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