July 24, 2006

this is me relaxing

Posted in Family, Robyn, Uncategorized at 3:25 pm by skijumper

My life has changed so much since I got married and had one, then two children. I don’t often get time to relax – life is a flurry of activity. I definitely savour the times when their is quiet, when I don’t have to answer another ‘why’, or share the remote control and keyboard with a one year old. So what do I do? Not much of anything. I always have about a hundred things swirling around my brain – things I would like to do if only I had the time. By the time I do have the time all I want to do is read a book, drink a hot chocolate (marshmallows please) or stretch out in my pilates clase. You know what…that is ok! (this is what I am learning – to relax ; )

Well so much for relaxing, time to get the one year old up from her nap, change a very offensive nappy and rush to preschool to pick up ‘the talker’.


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