August 7, 2006

Learn to de-clutter @

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I love organising my home.

In my dream home everything would have a place and everything would always return to that place the instant it was finished fulfilling its function. I like to stream-line necessary activities at home so that there is more time for play and less time searching for things. The hardest part of organising my home is trying to convince the 3 other living, breathing beings that organisation is a good thing!

For instance, the two smaller beings love to bring all manner of cuddly sleeping-aids into the kitchen and living areas. The bigger being has issues with storing his pyjamas and electronic paraphenalia and library books. The littlest being is always pulling books off the shelf …but do they ever go back? Well, no.

The people at have plenty of great tips to get that home in smooth running order.

.:: Organizing Your Home ::.:

How to organize your home? A HOME FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. Every item you have, no matter what it is, should have a designated home. For instance, the home for your magazines might be your magazine holder, which is located on your bookshelf. Or your home for your extra file folders and labels, might be the top shelf of your office supplies cabinet. If an item doesn’t have a specific home, it’s considered to be ‘homeless.’ Something that is homeless, tends to get lost. Designate a specific home for all of your stuff. Then, be sure that everything taken, gets returned to its home when done being used.


August 6, 2006

I am good at…

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The other night Eden and I were reading a book from the library titled ‘First Day’ written by Margaret Wild (Ms. Wild writes some pretty great kids books). The story highlights the differences and special skills of a group of small children as they progress through their first day of school. The skills range from tyeing double knots to making a huge sandwich through to chasing boys around the schoolyard to plant a kiss on the victims.

The story inspired a small discussion between Eden and I which culminated in the question being asked – ‘what are you good at?’

Eden thought for a moment then replied ‘ Mom, I am good at talking. I have a hundred words.’

Well, she speaks the truth. Eden is very good at talking. However, I would correct her on one point and that is that some days she has millions of words!

August 1, 2006

Women of Truth Conference Newcastle

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It is just about that time of year again.

The time of year when we as Christian women join together for our annual Women of Truth Conference. We will be meeting Saturday 12 August at Lambton High School, Lambton, NSW.

The topic for this, our third consecutive conference, is Living in the Light. Our guest speaker this year, Jenny Salt, is the Dean of Women at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. Jenny will be speaking to us about the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). We will also be meeting in small seminar groups to consider various topics including anger, living in the material world, prayer and godliness and sexuality.

The Women of Truth are a group of women who seek to spur, equip, grow, remind and encourage each other to live for Christ as we await His return. We are supported by Hunter Gospel Ministries and aim to teach the truth in love. Hunter Gospel Ministries is a collaboration of several churches in the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. These churches are Charlestown Presbyterian Church, Hunter Bible Church, Elermore Vale Baptist Church, Maitland Evangelical Church, and Unichurch.

Sound exciting? Keen to come along? Every woman is welcome! (sorry men)
For more information, leave us a message at this link.

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