August 1, 2006

Women of Truth Conference Newcastle

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It is just about that time of year again.

The time of year when we as Christian women join together for our annual Women of Truth Conference. We will be meeting Saturday 12 August at Lambton High School, Lambton, NSW.

The topic for this, our third consecutive conference, is Living in the Light. Our guest speaker this year, Jenny Salt, is the Dean of Women at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. Jenny will be speaking to us about the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). We will also be meeting in small seminar groups to consider various topics including anger, living in the material world, prayer and godliness and sexuality.

The Women of Truth are a group of women who seek to spur, equip, grow, remind and encourage each other to live for Christ as we await His return. We are supported by Hunter Gospel Ministries and aim to teach the truth in love. Hunter Gospel Ministries is a collaboration of several churches in the Hunter region of NSW, Australia. These churches are Charlestown Presbyterian Church, Hunter Bible Church, Elermore Vale Baptist Church, Maitland Evangelical Church, and Unichurch.

Sound exciting? Keen to come along? Every woman is welcome! (sorry men)
For more information, leave us a message at this link.

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  1. Grace said,

    Do you have a international fellowship of women from around the world?
    What is your open forum like? Can we recommend US speakers for your Truth Conference – like: Pastor Bobbie Jones Grayer. Her URI is above.
    Hope to hear from you all
    “Grace” female.

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