August 7, 2006

Learn to de-clutter @

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I love organising my home.

In my dream home everything would have a place and everything would always return to that place the instant it was finished fulfilling its function. I like to stream-line necessary activities at home so that there is more time for play and less time searching for things. The hardest part of organising my home is trying to convince the 3 other living, breathing beings that organisation is a good thing!

For instance, the two smaller beings love to bring all manner of cuddly sleeping-aids into the kitchen and living areas. The bigger being has issues with storing his pyjamas and electronic paraphenalia and library books. The littlest being is always pulling books off the shelf …but do they ever go back? Well, no.

The people at have plenty of great tips to get that home in smooth running order.

.:: Organizing Your Home ::.:

How to organize your home? A HOME FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. Every item you have, no matter what it is, should have a designated home. For instance, the home for your magazines might be your magazine holder, which is located on your bookshelf. Or your home for your extra file folders and labels, might be the top shelf of your office supplies cabinet. If an item doesn’t have a specific home, it’s considered to be ‘homeless.’ Something that is homeless, tends to get lost. Designate a specific home for all of your stuff. Then, be sure that everything taken, gets returned to its home when done being used.


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