September 8, 2006

Green Roofs in Canada: Who’s who? Goya Ngan Landscape Architect

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Here I go again – Green Roof Mania.
This will be the first in a series of posts on one of my favourite topics in relation to sustainable development. In the past, Mike and I have spent a bit of time researching the topic culminating in a submission to the NSW Goverment ‘ Sustainable Cities’ initiative back in 2003. As we look forward to a move back to Canada which may include building or buying a house, we are once again faced with personal decisions in regards to sustainable living. We should note that we have been living very ‘unsustainably’ in poorly built homes with small gardens here in Australia…land of the burning sun and un-insulated winter mornings!

As part of my research I am looking into the Who’s Who in Green Roofs and Sustainable Living in Canada. I just came across this website and hope to read some of Ms. Ngan’s work in the next couple of days.

Goya Ngan Landscape Architect:

Green Roof Policy: Tools for Encouraging Sustainable Design” by Goya Ngan, 2004 This report contains detailed information on policies currently being used in Germany to encourage the construction of green roofs. The purpose of the report is to assist Canadian municipalities and other levels of government in incorporating green roofs into their official plans, policies and operating procedures. Partial funding was provided by the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation.


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