September 8, 2006

Nyssa sings

Posted in Family, Nyssa at 1:01 pm by skijumper

I don’t think anyone other than Mike and I would understand what Nyssa is doing. However, when we ask her to sing a song we can decipher that she is singing ‘twinkle, twinkle’. It is certainly not by the words or the tune that we know rather it is the slow repetitive rhythm, the rhyming sounds at the end of the sentence, and the proud ‘yaye’ that follows her musical interlude.

This has to be one of the greatest joys of being a parent – watching your child grow, learn and thrive in the home where our goal as parents is to nurture, love, and guide. Nyssa brings us joy in her simple song. She brings us joy when she tries to tickle herself ‘ticky,ticky’. The girls bring us joy when they embrace and kiss or when they comfort each other as one cries. Eden brings me joy when she gladly relinquishes a toy that Nyssa is calling for.

Thanks to God for children. Although a mountain of responsibility they are such funny, sweet little creatures.


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