September 8, 2006

On being 4

Posted in Eden, Family at 1:11 pm by skijumper

‘I am 4 now’ is the proud introduction to all we meet these days. How great it is that Eden is 4. She must have grown 7 or 8 centimetres in the last month. She can open the front door, open the fridge, open her yogurt, fetch a spoon.

Eden is also extremely stubborn, strong-willed, impatient and selfish. Aren’t we all? I know that Eden will learn more self-control this year and in the years to come. I look forward to getting to know her more with each passing year. I look forward to more peaceful days but I will also miss the curious questions, the wonder and awe, the reliance on mommy and daddy, the cuddles, the joy in simple things, the sheltered life of a four year old. I can hardly believe that in one year my baby will be in kindergarten.

Eden is her own little person. She enjoys a great many things including:
toast with honey, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, lollies, chocolate, puzzles, baby dolls, barbie, kids tv, videos, books, the library, the coffee shop, parties, friends (amy, emily, alyssa, aiden, josh, emily, laura), nail polish, bathtime, chicken nuggets, pink milk, juice, bubbles, games, dress-up dollies, playdoh, matching games, snap, baking, cooking, plastic bead art, painting, imaginary games.



  1. Becky said,

    At last! Something clear I can unanestdrd. Thanks!

  2. Finding this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

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