September 8, 2006

The end of an era

Posted in Eden, Family, Nyssa, Robyn at 12:54 pm by skijumper

Today marks the end of an era. Today is the first day that I have encouraged Eden to simply have a rest – I have not enforced the sleep.

The problem is that there is no way to make a child sleep if they are not sleepy or are simply to stubborn to rest their head and shut their eyes. I have no doubt that Eden would sleep if she would just shut her eyes for ten seconds. However, Eden has turned 4 and is getting to be such a big girl that I am now encouraging her to have a 1 hour rest time in her room. She must lay down initially but is then free to play quietly with her toys or books.

Rest time is a fabulous thing. It is my sanity saver with two little girls holding my attention all day, every day. I love my girls but I also love my rest. It means I can have a little head space to type, call friends, drink a cuppa, scrapbook, sew, vacuum or sleep ; ) Rest time for the girls gives them time to develop self-awareness. Eden learns that it is enjoyable to play quietly on your own. No sharing, no squabbles, no toddler smacking your head. Nyssa, upon waking, has the chance to develop and practise her speech.

I know that rest is good for even God rested following Creation!


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