September 22, 2006

Friends at last – my sewing machine and my paper

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:30 pm by skijumper

I have recently introduced my sewing machine to my paper.  They absolutely love each other.

I had seen so many examples of machine stitching in all sorts of papercraft mags that I decided to give it a go.  Well guess what – now I just can’t STOP.  I find sewing paper-to-paper and ribbon-to-paper so fast and easy that I have almost completely given up my adhesives.  I sometimes tack a piece (photo or paper) to my page before I sew with a little gluestick or sticky tab but rarely more than that.  I have also been creating cards with the technique.  Just recently my friend Kristy and I ran a cardmaking workshop highlighting 4 ‘new’ techniques.  You should have seen the puzzled looks as the ladies drifted into the room for the workshop…what on earth are those sewing machines doing here?  At any rate, the cards were a success and I have really enjoyed the result of sewing in my scrapbooks.  The stitching adds so much texture and interest to the page.

The only drawback is that my husband thinks I’m fairly wacky for combining the two creative entities. Maybe. 


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