September 22, 2006

More than meets the eye

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Who would have guessed that a website titled Australian Laser & Fax Supplies would be the source of so many interesting goodies.  I happened to stumble upon the site while looking for reasonably priced Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.  I had seen the pack of 10 Triplus pens at Officeworks for $15.  A scrapbooking friend of mine yielded her pack of 20 at Moonlight Megascrap last week – imagine journalling in any colour!  She mentioned that she had sourced her stash through her mother’s online card supply store for a whopping $38 (no offense intended but my wallet is much too lean for such a purchase).

Before I tell you about the deal I found … let me tell you why I was searching (so desperately) for these writing tools.  I have decided to swallow my pride and actually journal by hand on my scrapbook pages.  Yes, it is a huge step for me but I think I have the courage to bite the bullet.  The truth is that trying to find time to type up all my thoughts and then print them out is just not happening in my real world!  My real world consists of one handsome husband and two very pink little girls (the very pink is in reference to their apparel not a rare skin condition). The answer is then to practice writing legibly and then scrap away!

OK, now for the deal.  I purchased the Wallet of 20 Triplus pens for only $22.40 (tax included).  The real bonus is FREE shipping on all purchases.  Wow!  Guess what, I bought a pack for my friend.

I encourage you to investigate the website – they have all sorts of great deals.  Everything from kids craft to adhesives, and even scrapbooking paper.


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