November 2, 2006

Catch the WestJet Spirit!

Posted in Robyn at 7:07 pm by skijumper


Why WestJet? Why fly WestJet? There are hundreds of reasons why you should choose WestJet for your next flight for business or pleasure, across Canada or to the U.S. Here are just a few:

Source: WestJet – WestJet Spirit


Ok…you can go visit the WestJet site to see all the hundreds of reasons for why YOU should be flying WestJet.  But first let me tell you why I am going to fly WestJet.  They are much cheaper than Air Canada.  We are about to book flights for 2 adults and 2 children from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, Canada.  We were very lucky to find out that WestJet now flies from Honolulu to Vancouver.   Our plan is to fly Air Canada from Sydney to Honolulu (putting some of our Aeroplan points to good use) and catch the WestJet flight from Honolulu to Vancouver.  The seat sale price for the one-way flight is $185 (incl. tax) for a five hour flight.  Now get this.  The one-way AC flight out of Sydney will cost $1080 (incl. tax) for a ten hour flight and that is on a CHEAP day! 

Oh, and by the way, my husband is very disgruntled by the recent service at Air Canada’s kiosk …only one kiosk open at the Sydney Airport.

I think the cost savings are a little ray of sunshine as I consider 10 hours in a confined space with a toddler and a preschooler. 
But heck, if I can blog 30 days in a row surely I can do anything.  (28 more posts). 


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  1. Bob Faulkner said,

    Hey Ski;

    I have been checking flight options Vancouver – Maui and return with both WestJet & Air Canada websites and con’t come up with much difference at all. Have you found a limited time special to come up with the numbers that you are looking at?

    Love, Dad

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