November 3, 2006

That’s one HUGE sunshade!

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 Down here in Australia the sun is extremely strong.  So strong in fact that you can burn to a crisp in ten minutes.  Mike and I have been considering putting a sunshade up over our deck area off the kitchen.  The sun beats in to our kitchen and makes the kitchen a real cooker in the summer months.  We hummed and hawed for weeks about the shape of the cloth, how to secure it against the winds, and how much it would cost.  Now, I have to laugh at our deliberations over such a small quandary as one Tourism Minister considers putting up shade cloth over the Great Barrier Reef

A plan to cover the Great Barrier Reef with a giant cloth sunshade to protect it from the effects of global warming has been ridiculed. Tourism Minister Fran Bailey has been promoting the plan, being tested by marine researchers in Queensland, to try to prevent coral bleaching. Mrs Bailey told the ABC: “We’re very concerned, because this is a $5.8 billion tourist industry on the reef employing 33,000 people. ADVERTISEMENT “So obviously we’re tackling this problem from both ends, the cause of the problem and also trying to find very practical ways where we can mitigate the problem.” But Labor says the idea is bizarre and impractical.

Source: Sunshade plan for Barrier Reef ridiculed – Yahoo!7 News

The cost of that quantity of shade cloth would reach into the trillions of dollars.  The logistics of physically securing the mammoth sun shade are mind boggling.  The idea is interesting and encouraging in that someone is obviously very concerned about the Great Barrier Reef.  I will look forward to thinking about and reading about other potential solutions. (27 blog posts to go!)


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