November 5, 2006

A Rainy Day in Newcastle

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It was another rainy day in Newcastle.  I love rainy days, and always have, especially when the alternative is a hot and humid summer (ok spring) day. 

We have been housebound  for a few days  since our youngest daughter has had a nasty bout of gastro.  She managed to vomit all over her car seat on Thursday afternoon and since it started raining Thursday night the car seat has not had the chance to dry out.  So what do you do when you are are housebound with a sick toddler?  Simple. You leave your husband home instead and escape with the other daughter.  This is precisely what we have done all weekend…well, we have taken turns escaping.

Birthday parties are a great rainy day activity.  Especially when it is the family who hosts great parties and always has the yummiest cakes.  While we were at the party, my husband and sick toddler, bundled up and went for a trudge to the nearest coffee shop.  There you have it, another rainy day idea – bundle up and bear it – you can even celebrate the rain with a good pair of rubber boots.

Today, it was my turn to bundle up and bear it with the sick toddler but guess what – it didn’t rain a drop.  Well not until we arrived home.  Husband and daughter number one took the car out in the rain to bring back some yummy morning tea (croissants and fruit scones).  This afternoon, daughter number one and I averted the rain by going swimming indoors at Balance Gym.  It was wonderful.  The pool was nearly deserted – we frolicked for a whole hour in the warm children’s pool followed by a long hot shower!

There are plenty of great things to do in Newcastle on a rainy day (and on a budget).  I have to admit that my four year old has never been to see a movie in the theatres so I am drawing ideas from elsewhere.   We have a great library system here in Newcastle.  They offer great children’s story times and a fun program called Wacky Wombat.  The Newcastle Region Museumm has a free hands on display called Supernova that is a great hit and even includes a bit of climbing equipment.  Indoor swimming (as mentioned) is fun and energetic.  And please don’t ever discount a trip to the cafe – Gloria Jeans on Darby is more kid-friendly than most with free babycinos and a bit of space for strollers etc.  The Newcastle Art Gallery has a great weekend art program for kids.  The list goes on but I will stop here for now.   I might just add one more – home made pizza is a great and yummy activity to sink your teeth into.

Happy puddle jumping!


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