November 7, 2006

Scrapbooking, Sewing, and Reading Books

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 This post is all about ME.  Sure you may think I am a bit egocentric (aren’t we all alot of the time) but I thought I should use today’s post to tell you some of the fun things I am doing.  Most of my time is spent sleeping (or trying to anyway), caring for my children and husband, cooking, cleaning and shopping for groceries.  However, there are 24 hours in a day and I do try to fill the rest in with some interesting activities.  I enjoy so many things that my head is constantly swimming with new ideas – I don’t always remember what I was thinking/dreaming about yesterday so I try to make a note of some of the better ideas for a rainy day. 

At the moment, I have many projects on the go including:

  • sewing handbags
  • sewing dresses for the girls
  • scrapbooking our life
  • reading 3 books (and skimming another 3)
  • packing boxes (moving again)
  • trying to get fit (swimming, walking, pilates …happening sporadically)

As part of my action plan to get some things completed I will try to get to the gym tonight, I have completed some handbags ready for sale, and I am going scrapbooking ALL DAY SATURDAY.  Check the link below if you want to join me.  I had to convince my husband that he too could have some time on his own this weekend – will be a busy one.

SATURDAY MEGASCRAPS For those of you interested in spending some time to yourself and looking for the opportunity to actually get some of those pages completed without interruption at home please come along to the store. Bring along some friends or just come along to meet new friends. Our next day megascrap is on the 11th November. Cost is $5.00. From 10am -4pm.

Source: Scrapbook Megastore – Scrapbook Megastore


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