November 9, 2006

Castlegar: is it your average small town or a nutritionally self-sufficent region?

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I had a great comment on my blog the other day reminding me to consider all aspects of small town living. I appreciated the chance to reflect on our decision to move away from big city living. The comment directed me to view the CTV show ‘Corner Gas’ (which I have never seen or heard of due to my current residence in Australia) for a light- hearted, yet realistic, view of Canadian small town living.

We will definitely be facing some BIG changes on our BIG move but I know I am ready. I have a much more realistic view of the world, and a far simpler threshold of contentment than I did back in my University days. I think I am, well hope I am, more compassionate, forgiving, flexible, and adaptable. At any rate, I am excited to join a new community, start a new adventure, and be back on home turf!

I know that Castlegar will have many traits common to Canadian small towns. However, I have come to think that the people of the region are forward thinking and expect more than the status quo. The following article from Castlegar News illustrates one aspect of how the community is striving for a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, I am persuaded to think that there is a strong group within the community working together to brainstorm ideas and petition the local government for good change. The following article from Castlegar News illustrates one aspect of how the community is striving for a more sustainable lifestyle.

In the event some cataclysmic event cut the West Kootenay off from the rest of the province, there is no reason the area couldn’t be nutritionally self-sufficient, say supporters of a local food security movement. To explore this idea, the Kootenay Food Strategy Committee will host an afternoon of food security discussions on Nov. 4 at the Kinnaird Park Community Church.

People should be able to meet their needs through local food production, said Carter. He says municipal governments must recognize the importance of food security in their official community plans. From a regulatory view we are moving in a negative direction, said Carter, citing recent reforms for livestock farmers who peddle their wares at their farm gates. From a social stability standpoint, food producing areas are approaching the edge of a cliff. He believes the idea of food security makes sense to the public. A lot of people get it policy and regulators don’t seem to.

Source: BCNG Portals Page

This is but one sample of the current activities in and around Castlegar. I am definitely open to any more tidbits about Castlegar. Keep them coming.



  1. Derick Flynn said,

    Super interesting post! Honest!

  2. If only I had a nickel for each time I came to! Incredible writing.

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