November 20, 2006

Tips for Parents Flying with Kids

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With just 11 days left before I board an airplane with two children under five I am becoming slightly anxiety ridden.  Each morning I wake up with a jaw/neck ache that lasts quite awhile and each night I awaken in a cold sweat simply thinking of the 17 hour plane confinement.  The entire trip will take probably 30 hours door to door but who’s counting?  Um, me, I am!  I don’t think its going to be easy, pleasant or memorable – ok, memorable in the ‘oh, I am never doing that again sense’.  Alas, I am never doing it again. Just this once.  And God-willing we will all arrive in one peace.  And God-willing we will get some sleep. 

Found a few nifty sites to encourage those of us embarking on such a pleasurable adventure:

Tips for On the Plane while Flying with Kids There is no time for relaxation during flight. As a parent with kids on board, you have a lot of work ahead of you. You have many tough tasks ahead which include feeding, comforting, changing diapers, entertaining and dealing with behavioral issues. There are things that you can do to help increase the chances that you will have a great flight and get those nice comments when you are getting off of the plane at your destination…like, “Your kids were so good on the plane.”:

Source: Tips for Parents Flying with Kids

Like many parents with young children, you may have a fear of flying that has nothing to do with the aircraft and everything to do with the possibility of a tantrum at 30,000 feet. In close quarters. In front of strangers. But don’t worry. With careful and creative planning, you can help ensure that tensions don’t rise when the plane does.

Source: How to enjoy a plane trip with young children

At any rate, on December 5th @ 7.30 I will be stepping onto Canadian soil.  The best part will be seeing my parents – they are very excited and eager Grandparents and will allow me a couple days recovery time at my destination.  And they all said: Hallelujah.


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