November 22, 2006

Soil-Free Water-Wise Gardening –

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 Wow!  A few posts ago I was recalling how much I like digging in the dirt – a highlight of any gardening experience.  Well, the people at ProgressiveGardening are showcasing numerous options for growing plants without soil. 

The Future of Gardening is Growing… Without Soil
Imagine a kitchen appliance that automatically produces 12 heads of fresh lettuce and salad greens, every week, without soil, under artificial light… right next to your dishwasher.

There’s more…

Simply Amazing Soil-Free, Water-Wise Fruits & Vegetables!
Fruits and vegetables grown without soil are nothing short of phenomenal. Tomato plants so tall, you have to use stilts to pick the fruit; strawberries the size of your hand; herbs and salad greens so bountiful, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood as you share or sell your excess harvest.

You really must check out the photos on this website.  The innovation is impressive and the produce yield is hard to believe. 

ProgressiveGardening is suggesting that the future of water conservation lies in the adoption of these technologies.

So how can soil-free, hydroponic gardening help conserve water?
To begin with, producing a given amount of food in a soil-free hydroponic system uses just 5 to 10 percent of the water the same amount of food would need in an open field, and sometimes less. How?

Source all quotes: Soil-Free Water-Wise Gardening Planters & Plant Growing Systems –




  1. Chet Holcomb said,

    Hydroponics growing also will produce larger crops in a shorter time frame than conventional gardening because you are controlling the plants enviorment.
    True hydroponics growing systems are ones that use just a solution of nutrient and water along with proper lighting conditions to feed the plants roots.
    Another type growing system are ones that use a medium of gravel,hydropon clay pebbles or rockwool. These latter systems are a little more forgiving for the beginner.
    Either type of these growing will require monitoring the nutrients and the PH level of the solution on a daily basis and adjusting as required to maintain healthy plants.

  2. peter jones said,

    More and more hobby gardeners and commercial farmers are experimenting with hydroponic gardening. This is the act of gardening without using soil. There are two main types of hydroponic gardens that you can construct-media based gardens and water-based gardens.

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